Glorifying God by building laborers on the campus for the lost world.


Campus Outreach (CO) seeks to provide an engaging environment to discuss spiritual topics and answer spiritual questions that college  students face on a day-to-day basis. College students face many unique challenges, specifically in our culture today, that are often never discussed and can be easily overlooked and dismissed. CO exists to help college students navigate these challenges. We do so through helping students understand the truth of the gospel, by helping them flourish in their spiritual journey through discipleship, and by enhancing their college experience.

CO holds weekly meetings, small groups, and campus activities at the University of South Alabama as well as overseas and stateside summer training projects.

Visit the CO website for more information on the CO staff at GRACE and their ministry at USA.



RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) exists at South Alabama in order to reach students for Christ, and to equip them to serve in His kingdom. It is in God's Word and in the fellowship of God's people that we believe students will encounter the risen Christ, and will encounter their salvation, be transformed, and gain the hope of eternal glory. We accomplish these things through a faithful commitment to teaching and living in the Word of God. Thus we preach the Word, we do Bible studies, and we equip students to be in each other's lives with the gospel. As the campus ministry of the PCA, we serve as the local church going to the campus, and so we are also connecting students to the local church.

GRACE partners with Christ Presbyterian and Trinity Family in its support of RUF at USA.