Who is GRACE?

In 2001, GRACE Community Church began as a core group of people meeting together. Their desire was to see the gospel of grace take deeper root in their own hearts and then spread beyond them to the hearts of others in the city of Mobile.

At GRACE, we know our only hope in life or ministry is the truth of the gospel of Christ.

Since our beginning, we have seen many come to faith in Christ. Through discipleship, many families have been strengthened, and two church planting teams have been sent out to other parts of Mobile.

As a church, it is our desire to continue to see gospel of grace reach further into the heart of our city, as we seek to rest upon Jesus and to live faithfully in every area of life.

What is the vision of GRACE?

GRACE exists to bring people into a life-changing relationship with the gospel of Jesus Christ by magnifying the gospel, making disciples, and multiplying churches.

This is how we are seeking to bring the kingdom of God in our own hearts, our city, and the world.