Community Outreach

What is Community Outreach?

Community outreach at Grace is a tangible way that we experience and share the love of God in Jesus Christ.  It is part of our mission to practice charity with each other in our church, city and world.  It is through community outreach that we seek to fulfill this mission.

Why Community Outreach?

We believe that the Body of Christ – the Church – is a critical instrument that God uses in His great redemptive plan.  As He seeks to grow and advance His kingdom on earth, we desire to be His servants, delivering the gospel of His grace, in word and deed, to those in our own “back yard” as well as other communities in our city.

When and Where do we serve?

As a church, we have a special love for the Hillsdale and Mobile Terrace Neighborhoods. In Hillsdale, which is located directly north of the church, we provide after school tutoring and fencing classes every week.  We also host summer bible clubs, summer athletic camps and other various activities throughout the year. In Trinity Gardens, which is located in NE Mobile County, we provide a weekly bible study and meal for children of all ages.

How Do I Serve?

If you are interested in learning more about our community outreach ministry contact Scott Parks, at or call the church office at 251-345-3303.